Monday, 1 July 2013

you can hate Tun M BUT without Tun M.......

U can hate Tun M but without Tun M you do even have the chance to hate in this county.

Malaysia was from zero to where we are today. Malaysia was exactly like Indonesia , Philiphine , Myammar , Vietnam , Thailand and many other more countries in the world.
Whenever u travel and uses LCCT /KLIA that was because of Tun M. Those who are staying in KL and even in PJ staying in high rise condo and apartments and saw KLCC then that should remind you of Tun M.

Whenever u saw there foreign invasion in other countries and Malaysia almost fall to the trap in 1998 ( many world thought we will die ) and now we blunce back to where we are today it was because of Tun M. A Doctor which also good in finance and economic. United Kingdom is great ? Because of George Soros the whole bank of England went fall. Malaysia ? We bounce back. Tun M defeated the Genius Soros.

When u talk about VISION 2020 ? that vision was more than 3 decades ago.

When there is Putrajaya now ? U should remember Tun M. There will be no Langkawi without Tun M.

Almost every single product , buildings and things that u saw in Malaysia it is all because of Tun M.

The Jewish thought the are the smartest race on earth ? Go Youtube search how Tun M make the BBC Hardtalk Jewish Genius that is feared by all world leaders to look like a child in that video. That Jewish had prepared every single research to trap and nail Tun M for a long time and Tun M just went there on the spot to defeat him so badly. Tun M defeated the Jewish.

U ask Lee Kuan Yew before he die. ( 1 of the greatest genius in the world history ). When he visit Malaysia 1 of his wishes is also to meet Tun M.-sumber: Shen Yee Aun

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